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Office du Développement Sylvo-Pastoral du Nord-Ouest

Forth project for development of mountainous and forested zones (PNO4) (2011-2016)


Enhanced API

  Generalizing the adoption of imadas / sectors as basic geographic unit for the preparation and implementation of PDCs.

 Support the continued improvement of API and its institutionalization in consultation frameworks (CR and CLD) and OLBs to ensure the sustainability of investments.

 Work to ensure that PDC is the unique part of unifying and integrating planning for all governmental and nongovernmental institutions involved in the sector.

 Evolving the PDCs in order to potentially become official plans, at sectorial level, used for the preparation of PDESs.

Enhanced Partnership

  An enhanced partnership in general:

  Applies to all government and non-government partners (CR, CLD, regional technical directorates of other ministries, NGOs ...) to formalize the practice of API and partnerships through the establishment a standard agreement framework between ministries

Especially for DGF, in addition to funding provided for forest operations, an agreement shall establish processes of cooperation and coordination for the socio-economic development of forest populations.

  An intensive partnership on an experimental basis:

  In delegations where PDCs already cover at least 80% of all sectors

06 delegations (over 8 potential) and 15 GDAPs within these delegations will be affected by intensive reinforcements so that, by the end of PNO4, together with CLD they perform the development of their areas and act as a leader and ensure proper integration of their PDCs in the preparation of PDES at the level of delegations. The role of ODESYPANO shall be limited to providing advisory support on demand.

Institutionnal arrangement of PNO4


Environmental and social safeguard measures

  A. environmental safeguards:

  •   The project will be implemented in accordance with the Bank's PO 4.00 (Piloting the use of national systems).
  •  The Bank conducted a diagnostic review of backups (RDS) to determine equivalence and acceptability of national systems for the assessment of environmental impacts and forests, and to identify any differences
  •  A framework for environmental and social protection (DCPES) document was prepared by ODESYPANO to cover the differences identified and described in the RDS and will be a guidance document for the implementation of safeguard measures during project implementation by ODESYPANO.

  B. social safeguards:

  •   Operational policy of the bank 4.12 (Involuntary Resettlement) applies to take the necessary measures in case of use or access to private parcels
  •   For PNO4, the procedures to be adopted for the provision of the land are voluntary assignment and temporary occupation.
  •   A Framework for Involuntary Resettlement Policy (RPF) has been prepared by ODESYPANO describing the various procedures for the temporary occupation and voluntary assignment.