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Office du Développement Sylvo-Pastoral du Nord-Ouest

Participatory and integrated approach

The ODESYPANO involved in a participatory and integrated approach (API) based on the results of experiences gained in the field of participatory and integrated rural development.

This approach aims to improve the capacity and know low of target groups in the analysis of development issues in their areas, negotiation, research funding ... and to promote better management of natural resources by populations and ensure self-management, sustainability and viability of development undertaken.

It is based on the capacity of target groups, synergy among partners, to integrate program and mobilize additional funding resources.

The community development plan "PDC" is the main tool to planning intervention zones for ODESYPANO. It reflects outcomes of decisions made with population in terms of development policy and in terms of actions and investments undertaken in their areas.

The PDC has become the basis of interventions for all actors operating in the target zone. It therefore tends to be the single planning framework reflecting the development guidelines agreed between the State, through its structures at regional and local level, and populations in ODESYPANO zone.

The API approach, programming is realised by the establishment of an annual program which records the actions to be taken and obligations of contracting parties. It is a summary document specifying the activities, their importance, their period of performance, their locations, methods of execution, target groups and the contribution and responsibilities of technical services and population.

Given the institutional context of the North West to improve this approach, ODESYPANO works for:

    Integration and empowerment of frameworks for dialogue and decision-making at the local and regional level (Regional Councils and Local Development Councils)

    Promotion and intensification of partnership in different development and implementation processes of PDC

    Adaptation of planning mechanisms, programming / budgeting, monitoring and evaluation requirements of the API through improved tools and their dissemination to partner.

   Enhancing population and their representative capacity to better negotiate development projects.